About Crossmandu is solely owned by Mahendra Laxmi suppliers Pvt. Ltd. is a platform which provides vehicle solution. Being a client on Crossmandu You can post requirement on your date. Then Vendors from your own locality bid for your assignment. You can get any vehicle i.e From Bike to Heavy equipment’s too. Suppose if you need bike for a day or week. You can write the requisition form on website and that’s it. Nearest Vendors (Rental Bike Services) will bid for it. And hence you can select the cheapest bid. You most submit every documents required during receiving time.
Same goes for car, Bus but you get driver with it. We are establishing a channel to rent car without driver but it would take time.
Now, For getting a pickup vehicle or Truck you most fill all the requisition form you most fill the working date. And then various transport company bid for your work. And thus you get the Cheapest medium for transportation.
Request you posted will be shown in homepage. So, it will be easy for vendors to bid for your job. In requisition form you most post your minimum amount.
We also can provide bus and van services for the employee of your company.
Future Plan
1) We are planning to create a free platform for every individual vendor to cope with newer technology.
2) We are planning that every reservation & renting of vehicle to be done via web platform. So, that we will be able to decrease little traffic as compared to nowadays.
3) Pre-posting;- This features allows clients or customer to post their require vehicle on required dates. So, that vendors could arrange their schedule and provide better price to the customer.
4) Franchise all over Nepal so, that we can take our existing transport or carrier or vehicle business into easy manageable web platform